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Lets raise the bar...Lets talk about something nuclear.

RP Instructor:

(gosh, remember the days of RAD i worked for them, and Eli was good on benefits... but u didnt hear that from me)

perhaps a more serious venue would inspire some to contribute, seek middle ground to achieve resolution and be the answer to situations that cause many questions.  

Nuclear NASCAR:
Alphadude, What you're wanting to do (My interpretation) is "Raise the Bar" at the site, just as our industry has been doing for years. (INPO wouldn't fib to us would they?)  It's an admirable aspiration but I don't think it'll ever happen completely.  

People being people, especially people who spend a lot of time working 12 hour days, are going to blow off steam when & where they can.  That's one of the functions of the site.  The cool thing is that Mike trusts us to for the most part be human prodding us back to reality when the limit is reached or passed.  

People want to discuss Politics & Religion, a Politics & Religion board is formed.  (You get the picture.)  I think the "gossip & trivial issues" will always be there in one form or another.  How far it goes depends on our reaction to it when it appears.  

I'd come up with more but I've been up almost a day so I'll see if sleep helps.  

It's basically member driven.  Run it up the flagpole (Which you've done) & see if it flies.  

I come to this site to find out what people are thinking...YES even PC. I may not agree with them, but I find out what they are thinking. It may even change the way that I thought about a subject. I've learned that some of the subjects are things that I've had on my mind, but did not want to bring up.
That is the reason that this is an open site...
Please keep it the way it is...maybe improve it...but keep it an open area for our thoughts and idea's!!!


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