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--- Quote ---ok why do ludlum  43-68 and 43-68/5 detectors respond to light.. surely its not the photo electric effect reacting with the P10 or is it??
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i alwaze thought that it was the ultra violet ionizing in the probe.  usually found this to occur working outside on bright daze with the 1/2 meter probes,(239-F, is that right?) and that was when i worked for a contractor who replaced his own mylars.  perhaps he only used a single layer.... especially since we wuz chasin alphas ina steel mill.  also found that it didn't happen when using in a floor monitor mode, but when we used the probes in a hand held mode it would get kinda screwy.  usually when we had the probe off the surface, ala free air.

slo-go im getting several responses on this subject, and it is perplexing. we had it happen with high intensity indoor lights- and also when outside it fails low and stays low. the indoor lights caused very high readings (200k dpm) so is it UV, electronic or whut?  

The truth is out there.. can we handle it?

alphadude....what kinda indoor lights r u using?  check out the uv content of the spectrum 'n let me know wotinell ya find out.


--- Quote ---Never have heard any reference in air...                                                                                                          However, CERENKOV light is given by the equation;                                                                                                            I(v)=const/(v2) x 1-1/b2n2                                                                                                                which tells us that it is not just radiation but electron radiation and it is dependent on the medium in which it passes so the question 'define air ' is relavent. Dont know about polychromatic??
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--- Quote from: alphadude on May 19, 2003, 06:36 ---oh i have heard that the eye fluid will flash..should do real well, but the catarac has got to be an inch thick after...

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The early days of spaceflight had the astronauts seeing unknown random bright flashes of light that were later determined to be cosmic rays causing the eye fluid to scinalate.


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