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NRC Access Authorization vs. Privacy?

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Hello,  I am curious if any or all of the other nukes in the country are pounding a new Access Authorization package at their employees?  I am at Exelon's Quad plant and am questioning the need for the information they are demanding.  We are being told that in order to maintain unescorted access, we need to submit to all the normal background stuff - but now they are adding credit checks and personal interview authorizations for family, friends, neighbors, and any other aquaintences they see fit.  The papers reference an NRC order dated 1/7/03 which points to the 9/11 attacks as the reason for these stepped up and intrusive investigations.
Please respond with what, if any, new requirements you are being asked to submit to.  Also, add what you think of these new requirements.  Shouldn't we be outraged at these requests?  Thanks for your time.  

PS  Sacrificing freedoms for a false sense of security is not the American Way!

its clear you never worked a DOE site when regan was in office he made it a living heck for people under a cloak of NS needs to bad it can get worse if you got bones to hide.

Vaportrail... Surprising to hear they are just getting around to this.  The credit check thing has been around since the early 90's!  Peer & Spin off references also.  As you said, Freedom versus Security.  This is a sign of the times and will probably get worst in the future.  Since employment is a privilage, not a constitutional right, failure to submit will probably put you out the door!  What should really scare you is the fact that some clerk, wishing to be the next hero of the millenium, will be reviewing your paperwork!  God help you if something stupid pops up in your background, like a case of identify theft or a past associate with a less than perfect background!  Hell, if you manifested the millions of laws in this country,(  Federal, state and local ), even the Pope would be guilty of breaking three a day!  As a summation, they are going to do whatever they want and you will have to comply

I was at a plant in the early 90's, when 10 CFR 26 was instituted at the site.  One day a lot of long term workers didn't show.  They were discharged for past problems, which were as much as two decades old!  Seem's their background didn't meet the new " Revised" Utility Security Guidelines!  It didn't matter if they had been on site for twenty + years!

It's not just the Nukes!  Most employers will do a criminal background and credit check.  Most apartment complex's also do the same!  

Yep, seems we have to give up a certain amount of privacy to be able to work. Unfortunately, it seems we are losing more and more of our right to privacy in the name of fighting terrorism. Some things I've read in Time and Newsweek magazines recently regarding hassles people have gone through under the new "Patriot Act" is a bit scary. Being detained and questioned for hours at airports and having no legal way to appeal the status of being on some type of "watch list".  >:(

About the only thing we can do at this point is to request  a copy of any and all information obtained by the utility company while performing a background check. As far as I know we still have that right and it should be stated on the consent form we sign.

Rain Man:
Such is the age we live in.  Increased security checks do require giving up a degree of privacy and liberty.  But many of these facilities don't want to be the one that had someone slip through the cracks.


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