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NRC Access Authorization vs. Privacy?

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Nuclear NASCAR:
We had to do this earlier this year at Callaway.  Bottom line was, no consent, no access.  Union lawyers checked on it & there wasn't much one could do but complain about it & fill out the forms.

As Austria said, you have the right to request copies of the information the get while doing the check.  I did & so did most others.

Just another of the joys of working nuke. [smiley=deal.gif]

well If it gives you all any consolation... it's not just nukes...

I'm a volunteer at our local high school and had to submit to a very similar background check  - interview with a shrink, fingerprints run by the sheriff, they were allowed to chit chat with my neighbors and relatives, signed/notarized letters from teachers and some friends stating their opinion of my parenting skills, all of which I had to pay for btw -  in order to be allowed to volunteer as a mentor with high school kids.  

It was ok as far as I was concerned... at least I know the school district is checking the people my kids are spending time with.  I know it's not fool proof, but it's the best they can do.  

I suppose you all could view it in the same light... at least the companies are doing what they feel is needed at the time in order to make sure you all are safe... and the plant is safe from folks who might want to cause harm.  Not a fool proof method... but you work with what you have at the time.

I had a background performed at Monticello for access to the Training Building, which is a mile outside the fence.

I guess I could have taken over the Simulator, or something.

As a contractor, you should expect Criminal and Credit History, reference checks, fitness for duty screening, and the occasional pat down or vehicle search. I'm thinking PADS ought to be able to handle that sort of requirement, companies don't necessarily trust each others sources.

In short, the same treatment they give their own workers.

We have to keep the industry safe - remember the security people can't "profile", and  check only Muslim males between 18 and 35. The Anti-American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) would have a fit.

That's why the typical 80 year old white haired lady in a wheelchair always seems to get her luggage ripped apart at the Airport.

The secure America bit does seem to have gone a bit far. If you have bad credit,no job,that's outrageous.It's even more chilling when problems you may have had 20 years ago could jeopardize your job now.20 years ago a lot of young males were in there teens or early 20's.You've got testosterone levels out of this world at that time in your life. Drinking,barfights,just outlandish attitudes,so how should you be punished now that you're older and more mature.The REAGAN era made just about everyone broke,except the rich.I served in the military ,and it still doesn't help with the silly rules,they are implementing. GIVE IT A BREAK,WE'RE NOT THE PROBLEM.SOME PEOPLE JUST WANT TO WORK. [smiley=hop_fire.gif]

Rain Man:

--- Quote ---

We have to keep the industry safe - remember the security people can't "profile", and  check only Muslim males between 18 and 35. The Anti-American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) would have a fit.

--- End quote ---

Many moons ago a friend in plant security related to me that a nuclear power plant's biggest security headache was "internal sabotage".  They have much more on their plates these days but the internal threat is probably still a significant issue.


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