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Name the Nukeworker guy Pt.1

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Rain Man:
Now that Mike has hats, polo shirts, java cups available it would be nice to have a name for the little nukeworker guy in the logo...something like De-Kay or DAC-Man.  Maybe run a contest with the winning "name" being unveiled at the summer convention.

Nuclear NASCAR:
How about D.K. per Diem?  I think he's French. :D

The nominations are open.  The winner will receive a hat, a mug, and free convention tickets.  Not to mention, he will be able to tell EVERYONE he named the little nukeworker guy.

I like "Mike Roe Rem" and later, his wife "Milli Rem" ... Mr & Mrs Rem

hmmm... 'Mike Rem' sure sounds like 'Mike Ren...hack'.

Lets here your comments.  The winner will be given their prize at the convention, along with a certificate, etc.

mike,  before i run afoul of rule  8 (again), do we reply here, on this thread, or where.  also, are we limited to one suggestion, or are multiple entries allowed?

#8 is for job postings, no?  You must be thinking of #1.

Post to your hearts content here on this subject.

I'll take the 'best' suggestions from this message and put them in a voting machine so we can all vote (once) on our favorite.


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