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Name the Nukeworker guy Pt.1

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#8 is for job postings, no?  You must be thinking of #1.

Post to your hearts content here on this subject.

I'll take the 'best' suggestions from this message and put them in a voting machine so we can all vote (once) on our favorite.

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omigosh, now i'm supposed to be thinkin about whichest rules i'm breaking? iffen it ain't 8, it'sa 1... let my first entry for the little guy (sexist statement that) be "no-one noeight"

Why does the nukeworker have to be a guy? :( :o

I am partial to "Turbine Cowboy"

Then again "Sponge Bob" is probably copyrighted

1. Turbine Cowboy
2. Sponge Bob
3. Rex Ray
4. Ginny Jumper

Ex-Turbine Cowboy

hmmmm how about "SCRAM" or "Teff Bremsstrahlung" or "Rad Cherenkov" or "Rad Dude"...or ............? ??? ???

How's about  Mini Rem   ;D


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