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Is it really worth it to stay in this business for such short outage periods at commercial sites, and DOE positions coming fewer and far between as these sites begin to scale back or release?  Not forgetting to mention, the politics of tech companies and such, seems to be the same old crap as years past.

That's one of the points I think Bob Skelly was trying to make about expanding the market for your services.  At Pickering the spring outage started the first weekend in February and will run until the end of May (16 weeks of work).  Pay is $20/hr with $65/day per diem (US $) which appears comparable to the US sites.  Only one American took the job that I know of so they signed a deal with a European company to supply techs.  Don't give me the bull about taxes up here, there are enough American engineers and trades guys at Pickering A to sink a ship.  They don't seem to mind the taxes whatever they are.  Same thing at Darlington except there a number of American techs failed to show up on the date they were to report.  They'll probably go after the European techs again.

The european techs are coming to the states too

Do you want fries with that?

It is unfortunate that those who committed to those offers of employment did not live up to the expectation.  I can tell you, that does not represent the majority of personalities or character of technicians in the US population base.  Fortunately, there are a great number of high quality technicians working in the US that are worthy of their pay rates and an equal number who are under paid for their efforts.  Unfortunately, the dark side to the good are those technicians who either lack the integrity or character to make good on a commitment, lack professionalism, and are way over paid for their services.  It is this group of technicians that will, and have in the past, continue to cast a poor image on the industry as a whole.  


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