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I asked today and they are still looking for techs starting immediately until the end of May approxiamtely.  If anyone is still interested see the OPG ad in the jobs posting for phone number and email contact.

maybe they can get a bunch of french techs to support them

i believe there are more good american techs than bad around
a europian tech wouldnt make a pimple on some of a all americans techs butt

u get what ya pay for
i believe your noshows was more economics than anything else

if ya work for a stateside company and they call you for a job what is your choice

yu dont bite the hand that feeds ya

so go cry to someone who cares certainly no one here does


--- Quote ---Do you want fries with that?
--- End quote ---

French or Liberty?  ;D ;)

Outages and DOE sites are not all that is available for you.

I am currently at a D&D site.  And while the pay does not appear as high as the outages, it does provide a longer work term.

And the number of clean up sites is only going to increas over the next few years.

Update -   I manage to work myself out of the cushy D&D site.  I am now doing the road techie.  I did not have any commercial experience and decided to put a few feathers in my cap.

The story still holds true for D&D site.  I will most likely be starting at a project that is reported to run for about 20 years...location is secret, but I will post ASAP after I get there.


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