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NucEng for Hire:
If a degreed engineer with no prior nuclear plant experience hopes to begin an 18-month instant SRO class upon his 1-year employment anniversary at the site, are there any caveats as to how he should spend that year, such that he meets the experience requirement to sit for the exam at the end of the training? Must that year be spent in plant engineering? Can he do operations staff work for the year? Or is there no way the combination of degree, prior onsite time, and training can qualify him to sit for the exam?

At least 6 months onsite PRIOR TO RECEIVING THE LICENSE! In other words you can start school on day one, test for your license on day 365, but the NRC won't issue the License until 180 days later. (I was almost in that boat.

That's not your real question though. Thats the legal requirement.

So assuming you have a year to go, screw engineering you won't need it.

1: Spend maybe 2 or 3 months in department corrective action.

2: 2 to 3 months in Work Control.

3: 6 months in day to day operation of the plant, of this time I'd spend at least 3 months rotating with a shift and as much time as possible doing rounds with the Non Licensed Operators.

4: Try to get involved in at least 2 self assessments one a departmental, the other a site wide.

None of this will guarantee you anything, but as an engineering instant it will help you a lot.

Do NOT become just a paper pusher or admin guy.


NucEng for Hire:
I've been told that per Figure 2-3 of ACAD 00-003, with my maximum of 2 years of 1:1 academic credit, the 1-year balance toward the 3 year experience requirment has to be spent as a "Plant Staff Engineer" and "within the accredited population", and that this excludes rotations as part of ops. Is this not true, and if that is the case, what documents can I support this stance with?

You can do everything Broadzilla described and be clasified as a "Plant Staff Engineer".  You do not have to be in Engineering. 

You already have an engineering degree and you are working for Ops as a "Plant Staff Engineer".

Seen this done at two different plants.

Thats right, Plant Staff Engineer is a generic term. Your utility defines what it means. You won't find ANYTHING that defines it. ACADs are only recommendations night requirements do take them with a grain of salt.

The real requirement is 6 months onsite in ANY position.

I just gave you a recommended way to use the time.



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