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I have been following Exelon's job opennings for a while and have not seen one yet for Byron (IL)
for an entry-level nuclear engineer. If my ultimate goal is to become an SRO in Byron, should I approach this issue in a different manner?

(I will have an MS in nuclear engineering by 2007)


Have you checked the Exelon Website?


Roll Tide:
You probably need to work an intern summer (or other quarter). Try contacting the utility directly; HR departments are used to dealing with intern queries.

(Of course, I don't actually know anyone that wants to work at Byron.  ;D )


--- Quote from: Broadzilla on Jul 21, 2006, 07:29 ---Have you checked the Exelon Website?


--- End quote ---

Yeah. There are openings all over, its just that they all require 5-6 years of experience. There is one entry level openning at Braidwood thats been there for a couple of weeks, if it stays like this I will apply anywhere and then ask for a transfer to Byron in a couple of years. Do you think they will mind if I let them know in the interview that I plan to do something like that?



--- Quote from: Roll Tide on Jul 21, 2006, 07:31 ---(Of course, I don't actually know anyone that wants to work at Byron.  ;D )

--- End quote ---

hehe..I would just prefer to work there because it is the closest Exelon plant to Rockford...


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