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Mike just a thought about names and slogans...

If your intent is to make this site a place for all disiplines of nuclear power, which would then attract other people, making more traffic... and presumably then easier to sell your merchandise and ad space... then I would suggest something that isn't as specific as
"no check no tech... no diem no see um"  or anything else along the same vain as it doesn't speak to all disiplines of nuclear power.  (meaning in house as well as contractors)

And rainman or anyone else ... before you blow a gasket screaming about how I'm not a nuke worker... let me just mention I am someone with experience in the area of advertising design and marketing.

FEEL THE POWERwith a couple of
tri-foils on either side

You could always resurrect the old classic:

A Little Nukie Never Hurt Anybody

Or, how about:

No, I don't glow in the dark -- but I sure do shine at night!

'energy or weapons..... your choice'


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