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I really enjoy working at Susquahanna.  It is nice to work at a plant where the house backs up contractors.  I am about to go back there for the fourth time, and even thought the area ain't nothin special, I look forward to it.  Not only are the house people nice, they for the most part have the same contractors year after year, so you usually know most of the people from day 1, instead of right before you get laid off.    

The House techs and supervisors are good bunch of folks, lots of friends there. Plenty of outdoor activities. If you have a weight problem as do I, then this probably isn't the place to go. They are costantly buying Pizza, Calzone, Wings and on and on.

Roll Tide:
February 17, 2004
AREVA License Renewal Team Wins Contract at PPL Nuclear Power Plant

AREVA's joint subsidiary with Siemens, Framatome ANP, has been awarded a contract to provide license renewal application services for PPL's Susquehanna nuclear power plant. This project will be performed by Framatome ANP with its license renewal teammate, Entergy Nuclear. Submittal of the license renewal application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is scheduled for the third quarter of 2006.

The current term of the operating licenses for Susquehanna units 1 and 2 ends in 2022 and 2024. Once the NRC approves PPL's application, the licenses will be renewed until 2042 and 2044 respectively.

Entergy Nuclear and AREVA's Framatome ANP have teamed to provide unmatched license renewal services. This team has supported six of the eight license renewal applications approved to date and is currently providing support and preparation services for twelve more applications.

The team has been involved in nuclear plant license renewal since the initial regulatory discussions began more than fifteen years ago. Entergy Nuclear and AREVA's Framatome ANP have also assisted both nuclear plant licensees and the NRC in developing and assessing programs and performing tasks related to the regulatory challenge of continued nuclear power facility operation beyond the initial forty-year license period

(THANKS, C. Jethro)

Which company staffs rad techs for Susquehanna outages? Thanks.


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