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don't bother going to fulton most of the motels are filthy.
and the drive / drivers  to the plant on 00 road are unsafe.

south on hwy 54 is holts summit, about 5 mi north of jeff city.30 + mi to callaway going the river road( hwy 94.)

the best value inn is a newer (former ramada limited)clean hotel.1 800 909-8770 .
nice fanmily owners and approx $200 wk (last outage).
call early they only rent half the hotel weekly.

kathy and her husband prefer renting to hp techs .(bni)

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Calloway..it wont get no better..Wildwood Estates just about 2 miles north of plant.Voted to let contractors with RV's rent lots.Camp store on site.Sell beer and some decent ribeyes as well as everything in between.Full hookups,with shower facilities,fishing,hunting,ATV trails.Little redneck bar down the road that burns a pretty good burger.Call them for cost and site availability.Wildwood Estates 7233 Wildwood Dr. Steedman,MO. phone #573-676-5317 web site to check them out...www.wildwoodassociation .com  ;D

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