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San Onofre! San Diego is a sometimes a tough animal to deal with. Expensive at times. The Internet has eased the process yet it's sometimes nice to have a general idea of the area.

Like many locations nationwide, there are many private homeowners who may rent a portion of there abode. This may suit some, at the same time, one may desire greater privacy.

Rental property in Oceanside, Vista and Carlsbad (North San Diego County) are generally priced lower than the San Clemente and Laguna Nigel area locations North of the San Onofre Generating Station.

There are nice apartment units throughout the area and there are some nice units at the Oceanside Harbor, Dana Point and Carsbad Ocean Front areas.

Plan well in advance to secure a reasonable rate. There are some decent trailer parks in Oceanside on the main drag of Hill Street.
Try Meadowlark Apartments West, 949-492-1831. They rent one bedroom apartments by the month that are furnished.

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Haven't been there in years but loved it,  

Got a job there when I was 18 out of High School. Worked there 7 years. Got married and divorced and now live in Texas. Working for the V.P.'s old company.

Loved it there, learned alot there. Everyone I worked with there was GREAT...Contract and House. Ex-wife may still work there. hmmm

Missed the beach, mountains and weather. It is hard to surf in Texas.


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