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I liked VC when I was there in 84'.  Good outage, good house folks and easy pace.  Was a little out of the way, and at that time, the bars closed Saturday at Midnight until Monday.  Argggg.

VC Summer has a very laid-back attitude and the highest median quality of house people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, so SHOULD be an awesome plant to work, but...

1) The bean-counters are in control right now, so be prepared to get nickel/dimed to death.


2) They still haven't gotten a grip on how to do an outage quickly...general lack of job planning, work coordination, etc.


3) I had hoped they might have a "Mid-Atlantic" attitude like some of the other Carolina plants, but the area is definitely more "Deep South"...that may be either an advantage OR a disadvantage (depending on YOUR personal outlook), but something you should consider before you go.

good plant to work as a road tech.  they have some quirky rules but they treat you very good.  there are hints of the old days there during your "out" time.  kind of a long drive to the plant if you want to stay by anything but still had a good time.

Camella Black:
If anyone has a favorite hang out, place to shop, or local information for this area please post it here.


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