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Rolphton NPD (Nuclear Power Demonstration)


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--- Quote from: Rennhack on Aug 05, 2006, 04:45 ---If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

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Available Sept 1 2011. 2 bedroom waterfront home located 2 kms west of Deep River. references required, first and last, no pets, no smoking. 850/mth plus heat and hydro. please contact via this list.

I spent a bit over a month working at NPD.

Currently, if working NPD, you meet in the parking lot of the AECL offices in Deep River and ride up in a company vehicle.  You can drive to site but the option to ride up with the project manage in a company truck saves gas.

I rented a room near deep river at a reasonable rate while I was there.

The site itself is in a state of holding pattern after a partial remediation.  The steam side machinery is all removed and you have a large building with peeling paint.  The "active side" is awaiting contract awards for asbestos removal to start and contaminated and irradiated component removal to follow.

I was there for a month doing preps for upcoming work and conducting business representatives of the companies bidding on the project through the contaminated side.


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