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Best place I had for the money for short term work was at the Island House Inn in Port Clinton.  It was on the western end of the main drag in PC just before the turn north across the bridge.  They did daily, weekly, and corporate rates, and were competitive with the motels and condos in town.  1 800 233 7307.  It had clean, good rooms, 1 formal dining room w/ short bar, 1 other bar w/ sandwich menu service on the premises.  Within 2 minutes walking time, there were 5 other restaurants; american, italian, chinese, and seafood; and about a half dozen drinking establishments. Driving distance to Besse was about 15 minutes.

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It is a toss up. Davis-Besse or working somewhere else I can be severly abused and degraded. New Slogan for Besse: "More fun than a Turkish prison- honest!"

The NRC gave approval for the restart of Davis-Besse today. The plant is moving towards being at full power within two weeks.


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