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amen mongo13.... the media has the story prior to the nrc releasing it on their web site, though...


Nuclear NASCAR:
Here's the NRC Link: http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/news/2004/04-011iii.html 

Davis-Besse might not be a five star site but I would not put it down.  Davis-Besse is coming around just give it time.  Everyone there is working hard to get it running like a well oiled machine.

My last stint at Davis-Besse was in 1991. The plant was still struggling from past modifications that were completed after the Three Mile Island incident. The fall classic was underway and the outage was nearing completion.

Playing in the world series that year were the contractor rad techs  ( American League) going up against the house (the National League).

Bob Nuker was handling the play by play over the headsets and Lemon Head was doing the off color commentary.

Flash back to game 7, bottom of the ninth, series tied 3 games apiece. There are two outs, the bases loaded, and Jim Heckley (name changed to protect the innocent) is on the mound, one out away from winning the World Series.

Nuker: Ah, these nuke fans I love 'em. Great seats huh buddy? Welcome back nuke fans! Bob Nuker here. Well, it all comes down to this Lemon Head. Heckley has pitched the game of his life and is only one out away from winning game 7 of the World Series.

Lemon head: Yeah, Nuker. Little Teddy C. has struggled throughout the series and unfortunately, the hopes of the rad techs lies on his shoulders. I heard Teddy was out late again last night in Canada so the advantage seems to be on Heckley's side today.

Nuker: Here we go nuke fans. Heckley checks the sign, here's the pitch. Swung on and missed strike one!

Lemonhead: Ted still looks a little wobbly from last night, Nuker.

Nuker: Well the game's in his hands now Lemon Head. His coach and teammates are counting on one more miracle as Heckley continues to dominate this series.

Heckley checks the sign. He's into the windup. Here's the pitch. Swung on and missed, strike twoooo! and the home crowd goes wild!  Heckley continues to throw heaters, Lemon Head.

Lemon Head: Yeah, Ted swung way late on that pitch, Nuker. That Canadian beer will do it to ya, eh?

Nuker: It sure will Lemon Head. Looks like Ted came home on the Schooner last night, eh?

Nuker: Well nuke fans, it all comes down to this. Heckley is just one pitch away from winning the world series for the house. Ted is struggling at the plate and his timing has been way off at the plate today.

This could be the final pitch of the series. Bases loaded! Two outs! Heckley checks the sign! Here's the pitch!

Oh  my!!!!! There's a deep drive to center field. That ball is way back there! Way back there! That ball issssssss..................Ou tta here!!!!!!  A grand slam for Ted and the contractors win the series! The contractors win the series!!!!!

Lemon head! What was Heckley thinking throwing a hanging curve to Teddy when he was 0-2 in the count and Teddy was swinging late on the heaters?

Lemon Head: I don't know Nuker. I heard Ted was striking out with the hanging curves all last night. Someone must have passed that info on to Heckley who figured the hanging curve was a sure out. Anyhow, great series. I don't think anyone gave the rad techs much of a chance tonight with Heckley on the mound.

Nuker: Heckley did pitch a great series Lemon Head. Unfortunately, for Heckley Teddy C. hung in there and was finally able to connect. What a great win for the contractors. Ah, these nuke fans, I love em.

Lemon Head: If these two teams make it to the series again next outage, Oh boy. Oh, boy. Hey, east D-ringers.

Nuker: Yeah, Lemon head.

Lemon Head: I got some insulators coming up. They're going into the east D ring to remove some insulation.

Nuker: Send them up.

What an outage that was in 1991. Besse was one of my favorite plants. Unfortunately, Besse never made it back to the series and Bob Nuker never made it back to Besse. Nuker was told the following year....budget cuts?  If Heckley had won  game 7, perhaps those budget cuts would have been restored.

 Ah, these nuke fans. I love em. This is Bob Nuker signing off.  ;D

Ah yes remember it well!
Been there done it , got the Tshirt! (actually golf shirt, used to sell them) was hoping to return sometime! Besse was always one of my fvorites too! I was working on sharing resoureces with FENOC when they needed help but somehow my managment never followed up on it, and it never happened. Too bad. I now have new management and so do they and we are interested in sharing with other utilities again I'm with Progress Energy) We'll see! 8)


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