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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

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Douglas Point is an idle facility within the Bruce Power Site.  Folks live in Kincardine, Tiverton, or Elgin. 


--- Quote from: RiskEngineer on Apr 10, 2013, 09:28 ---Douglas Point is an idle facility within the Bruce Power Site.  Folks live in Kincardine, Tiverton, or Elgin. 

--- End quote ---
Thank you for the feedback.  Here is a link to the Bruce information

I spent nearly all of 2012 at Bruce.  All eight reactors at Bruce A and Bruce B were operating.  Douglas Point has pretty much been abandoned in place with no future for new operation.  Bruce, to my knowledge, has not made final plans for decommissioning the facility totally.  Those of you that have mind plans for going to Bruce to work should be aware that you almost must be a Management Consultant to get work permits at the Canadian nuclear sites.  Customs monitor potential workers closely and will not hesitate to turn workers away at the border unless their paperwork from the potential employer and the facility are exactly what is required.  Any work that the unions feel can be done by Canadians will be supplied by Canadians.  Unions are a huge deal in the north Country.  They are no joke. The Union is a part owner in the Bruce facilities, yes part owner.  Be totally aware of the tax laws governing work performed in Canada, whether you are a US citizen or otherwise.  The Canadian employers employing US citizens pay the employee the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax (Provencial and Federal) on their checks.  By April 30 of the year following your employment ALL of the HST must be paid back to the CRA.  Many people think this extra money is given to them to keep, but when you buy something (no matter what) that has HST applied to it this HST can then be deducted from the HST paid to the employee and the balance must then be paid back to the CRA.  Be very cautious about who you hire to do your Canadian taxes if you are working as a LLC or Inc., it is very difficult to find people in the US (New York/Michigan) who will do Canadian and US income taxes.  We got badly ripped off by a Company out of Toronto.  Housing is not cheap in the Bruce area, especially during the Cottage Season (May 15 to September 15).  Things can get a little cheaper in the winter months.  Port Elgin, Kincardine, and South Hampton are the most popular areas


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