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That is good advice.

Already Gone:
Don't forget that management has a union too.  The Society represents most of the salaried staff.
One correction to the above:  The unions do not own any part of the facility.  It is still entirely owned by Ontario Power Generation.  The unions are part owners of Bruce Power, which is the company who leases and operates it.  A minor detail to be sure.
Getting your permit to work does not require that you be a management consultant.  It just happens that the current labor market has no shortage of qualified Canadians for other jobs.  This could change if the economy continues to rebound.  If you are hired, the company will provide you with documentation of a Positive Labour Market Opinion, which is basically a letter from the Canadian government which states that hiring you will not negatively impact employment for Canadians in your line of work.  You must present this with your application and fees when entering the country.  If you have EVER had a DUI, you ain't getting in without a lot of extra forms and $$$$ (thousands) and they still might not let you in.  The job would have to be extremely more lucrative than what you can get in the US to make that worth it.


--- Quote from: Already Gone on Aug 31, 2013, 10:33 ---If you have EVER had a DUI, you ain't getting in without a lot of extra forms and $$$$ (thousands) and they still might not let you in.

--- End quote ---

I did not know that.  Thanks for the info.

Actually, Douglas Point falls under the Nuclear Legacy Liability Program paid for through Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and administered by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) through their Prototype Reactors branch of Facilities Decommissioning. This program also includes Gentilly 1 and the Nuclear Demonstration Project reactors.
The rest of the information is correct.

The other part of the DUI point, which is very true, is that if you get caught in a DUI situation while holding a work permit in Canada, whether the DUI occurs in Canada or the US you most likely will have your work permit voided.  You are required to report any legal actions to the Canadians while holding a Work Permit.  The other thing to remember is that if you are refused readmission to Canada due to a US issued DUI you will not be able to retrieve your Canadian located belongings unless retrieved by someone other than yourself.


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