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retired nuke:
Ah, Canada....
I got to tour the site while it was under construction in '90. Very nice area, I was staying in a campground down the road, and saw the sign for the plant, with a visitor center and tour offered. Had a ball riding around the site in a van, once they found out I was a nukeworker, several folks came up and hung out for a while talking about the differences in "ours vs theirs". Very friendly folks, pretty area, wish I had a chance ot work there while I was a roadie...

Fun place to work.

I was there in 2001 as part of an international team of about 20 that were the first non OPG people to be qualified as greenmen! Did an outage on unit 2, and gota few lung fulls of trit, all of which was washed out at Tailgate Charlies in Oshawa


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