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What better way to dilute the body of tritium then washing down with a good 6 pack or more of canadian lager !!!  ;D ;D ;D

I've found that beer cures  lot of lifes little ills not just rad problems......DRINK ON

hey everyone
just finished the outage on Unit #1 ....had to go in only ones...picked up 53 mrem for being in there 2.5 hours..not bad eh?..that's me being on the bridge 6 feet away from the face of the reactor.....anyways the plant is very nice

Who are the contacts for this and the Bruce facilities?  How does the wages/per diem work for US citizens working there?  Tried to get to Bruce earlier this year but all of the companies I was talking to were filling resume drawers I think.  Know several people working at Bruce who are no more or less qualified than myself but I couldn't get across the border.

...good luck with it  ;)


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