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Places to Stay while at Ginna...

Ontario, New York

$165/wk one person
$200/wk two people

Webster, New York

Super 8 (716) 671-6990
two beds $71/night + tax w/10% off for AAA & AARP

Fairfield Inn (716) 671-1500
two beds $77/night + tax w/5^% off AAA and 10% AARP

Fairfield Inn (716) 264-0530
same as above with free breakfast and night snack

Denonville Inn(716) 671-1550
$43/night + tax (one person) $47/night two beds

Is Ginna bicycle friendly? I don't know, but we do have a bike rack near the guardhouse. There are always locals bicycling on the roads near the plant.

A room to rent within walking distance? Not that I know of. One of our house techs usually rents out rooms during the outage, and he lives the closest to the plant of any of us. Email me privately with your name and how you can be contacted, and I will forward it to him. He may already be full, though. There are a couple of hotels within a couple of miles- Twin Rock Motel being the closest. Others include the Ontario Motel and the Cornerstone Inn (which also has a diner.) Hope this info helps.

Cornerstone Inn (Ontario)- (315) 524-5024

Twin Rock Motel (Ontario)- (315) 524-6411

Super 8 Motel (Webster)- (585) 671-6990

Westbrook Motel (Webster)- (585) 671-0970

Hi-Way Rest Motel (Webster)- (585) 671-4804

If you're going to Ginna DO NOT stay at the Conerstone INN unless you like dirty rooms that do not get cleaned, ants in the room with you, and a heating system that either has the room at 85 degrees or less then 60 degrees. I stayed there and it was unpleasant. It's run by folks who do not speak English and don't bother with many of the things you would expect in a motel such as smoke detectors that work.

Avalon Apartments are clean, affordable and Quiet. Ask for Georgia. She gives a great rate for the outages.


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