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>:( I word - ICK!  I worked there in the late 80's.  The people that didn't work there were the nicest people you could ever meet, but the house techs there treated the contractors like sh*t because they ACTUALLY THOUGHT we wanted to take their jobs!  What a joke!  You can tell they never went on the road!  The last time I body counted out, I let the house tech  know that we (the contractors) had no interest in becoming house there.  Now, I know a few house techs there and they are pretty cool (Old man Milks, what a trip, he kept me in stitches and Tom Karl, hey Tom!)  They were my favorites, although Tom didn't start there until much later after I left.  Another word, Gaynor - Jerk off!

Yep. Great people outside of the plant. I was provided a room for the night in  Sheboygan by a local family since all rental car companies were closed for the night upon arriving in Milwaukee (snow storm). Helped shovel snow in the morning and was driven to the Cool City motel.  :D

Enjoyed the food across the street from the Cool City motel (forgot the name of the supper club).

Great thin crust pizza on the lake west of the plant. Got a share of Hielmans beer but could not woof down the hamburger pate.

Glad to have visited Lambeau Field and the local mall in Greenbay.

The Plant: Wax on Wax Off. They did not care to roast personnel there.

I liked the idea of hosing down the containmemnt building shortly after shutdown. Protocol reqiured all personnel to rinse there hands prior to exit monitoring from the RCA. Kept their Personnel Contamination rate on the low end.

I met a few great folks at the site, at the same time, many were confined to their circle.

Good learning experience in the Dairy State and one hell of a group of rental techs! It was a blast especially with Kewaunee shutdown at the same time.


The hostile additude that many road techs remember experiencing at Point Beach back in the 1980's no longer exists here. There has been a lot of turnover in the RP group since those days. The majority of the house RP techs here now are former road techs. So the outage working environment here is much more friendly than it used to be. Many of the road techs who were here back in those bad 'ol days remember being treated like sh*t and spread the word that Point Beach is a terrible place to work and they would never go back. The fact is that it's not like that here anymore. So if anyone is considering coming up here for an outage, don't worry about that old reputation this place has. It simply isn't true anymore.


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