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Worked with a great group of planners at the site.  Roger Samson, the in-house supervisor treated us about as good as I’ve ever been treated by any site.  Main problem was finding housing, everything shuts down after Labor Day.  Hope the purchase doesn’t harm the good folks up there very much.

SeaBrook is my all time favorite plant. I haven't been there since I went up to Canada to work.
I still touch base once in awhile with the people there. Treated very well and just told my wife last week how much I miss working SeaBrook.

Contact Preston Reality (603) 474-3453.  Bob is great to work with.  He has a lot of rental homes on the ocean side and rates are cheap, off season.

Hello, everybody. Newbie to nukeworker.com. I'm just curious what people think of the area around Seabrook, since I'm contemplating heading out for the fall outage. How's the weather?

I'm also curious how they work their shift schedules. I've been told it's six 12's, but does this mean 6 on-1 off or some other arrangement?

I've been out of the nuclear field for 2 years (ex-squid) and have decided to try getting back into the biz, so this would be my first assignment.

Thank you!


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