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This being my first post as a registered lurker rather than just a lurker, I figured I would avoid any deleted or rerouted posts by asking for some help with technology new to me!
I've recently gone wireless with the addition of my first laptop, and I can't figure out how to access all my useless crap that is on the desktop computer.
Yes, the desktop is on the new linksys wireless setup we just installed and we (the wife and I) just can't figure out how to send and receive data between the 2 computers via the network.
Any help would be appreciated,I,m sure it's just changing a setting or something simple like that.

Are they all running Win XP?  Can you SEE the other computer in your network?  Have you shared the folders you want to share?

I'm assuming you have some flavor of Microsoft...
Here's a link that might be of some help:


Yes they are all Win XP, I can see the 2 computers (my daughter has her laptop at the Citadel with her but when she was home I could see it on the net also) , and I am pretty sure the files are shared. I am NOT a computer savvy person, mostly just basic stuff and I really should check the link that was posted to read up on the network skills I need. I'm just trying to retrieve my music from the desktop to my laptop and all my bookmarked stuff also.

  I really appreciate your patience and help in this matter!


No worries, glad to help!

You said you can see the computers on the network... does it show anything when you click on a particular computer?  Such as a printer folder?

You can tell if a file is shared by looking at the drive icon (that little folder to the left of the drive name).  If it has a cupped hand underneath it, it's shared.  I think maybe yours are not, you have to manually share them, it's not an automagic thing. 

To share:  Right click on the drive you wish to share, select New Share from the drop down menu. 
In the dialogue box, towards the bottom click on the button that says New Share.  In the next dialogue box, it will ask for a new share name.  You can just put whatever drive letter (such as C for the C drive) or give it a name such as "desktop's hurking hard drive".  Ok all the way out and you should be able to see the drive now from another computer. 

Hope this helps!


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