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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

I agree with Marssim across the Board! 

They accept supplimental staff based on what they receive, not what they perceive!

Last time I was there, the baby of the bunch had 20+ years at the site!



I'll add my second (third?) to what Marssim said.

I was treated very well there and enjoyed the people and the area. Vince, the guy I worked for truly appreciated me for the help and let me know. I wanted to go back, but other (higher paying) opportunities arose that made me change my mind. I would do another outage there in a heartbeat.

Up until yesterday I was saying I'd return to TMI in a heartbeat.  Most of the in-house people are nice to work with and although it is owned by Exelon, it's much better than Peach Bottom.  Heck, hell is better than Peach.  However, at the onset of the current TMI outage we were promised 7 -12s in a meeting just last week by the RPM himself, seeing that it's only a 20 and 1/2 days outage.  Well, honesty isn't everyone's policy, especially at TMI.  As of last night, Bartlett employees are being forced to 6 -12s -with the exception of those few working for Reactor Services and on the Turbine deck.  Needless to say, the rest of us are furious and have vowed never to work another outage here.  I can't afford to and I certainly can't trust them to keep their word.  I'm just not willing to take the risk of this happening again.  My advice is to stay as far away from TMI as possible.  In fact, avoid Exelon plants altogether.


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