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Dave Warren:
A buddy of mine is going to the SGRP.
He needs a place to sack out for 9 months.
Anybody got info on a place?

SGT has the SGRP contract, but are NOT paying any diem!!!!!!! It's very hard getting a room because not many hotels will give you a weekly rate. Good luck finding anything reasonable. There are folks being hired in right now, because of the economy, having to take a job with this contractor for the sake of being employed, and it's very hard not having having per diem. Got to go through the union hall to get hired in.

Can anybody fill me in on the Nov. 22 release?  I have seen the OE, but am still a bit fuzzy and have a need to know.  Understand a deconner ran a wet vac with no HEPA, but 1) vacuuming what?  Inside a severed RCS pipe?  Why?

And 2) what was unique about the ventilation lineup that spread the airborne so quickly?

And 3) was'nt the ctmt opening monitored with an alarming A/S?  Don't understand why the media was reporting possible release.



Anybody here work at TMI or know of any hiring cycles comming up? Thanks in advance for any help.


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