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Rad Sponge:

--- Quote from: Marssim on Sep 13, 2007, 10:31 ---Vince is a class act,...

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If we are talking about the same Vince T. then I concur. Awesome guy, and also Rock, and Steven (Chemistry).

Maybe I will be seeing them again, now that I am a Limerick guy.

In an outage far far away.


--- Quote from: RAD-GHOST on Sep 13, 2007, 05:03 ---Last time I was there, the baby of the bunch had 20+ years at the site!
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23 Years to be exact.

I agree with the above average rating.  The house people even give outage workers temp membership cards to the local VFW, who open early in the morning to feed and water the outage workers.  -- THAT is acceptance.

The RP department runs a tight ship (in a good way).  They are all knowledgeable, experienced, open minded, and helpful.  I would return.

Maybe you can get a job a burger king on you day off to make up the difference.
You can't make it on 72 hr verses 84's ,thats just sorry! Usually they force you to work 84's
Maybe for the week you'll net $100-$150 more after taxes,fica,401k,medicare come on.
Try working a 40 hour week like most in the working world do and make it.
I think you should dump your financial advisor and get a new one,because the one you got really sux!
It never fails to amaze me how some people have been doing this for 25 years and are crying more mouth and im broke as the day they started,Oh yeah well I got bills,like no else does.
Sorry all I just had to vent.

Ps: If they did promise you 84's to get you there and changed it that's bs  Maybe a blue flu?
--- Quote from: Silky on Oct 26, 2007, 05:35 ---Up until yesterday I was saying I'd return to TMI in a heartbeat.  Most of the in-house people are nice to work with and although it is owned by Exelon, it's much better than Peach Bottom.  Heck, hell is better than Peach.  However, at the onset of the current TMI outage we were promised 7 -12s in a meeting just last week by the RPM himself, seeing that it's only a 20 and 1/2 days outage.  Well, honesty isn't everyone's policy, especially at TMI.  As of last night, Bartlett employees are being forced to 6 -12s -with the exception of those few working for Reactor Services and on the Turbine deck.  Needless to say, the rest of us are furious and have vowed never to work another outage here.  I can't afford to and I certainly can't trust them to keep their word.  I'm just not willing to take the risk of this happening again.  My advice is to stay as far away from TMI as possible.  In fact, avoid Exelon plants altogether.

--- End quote ---

I gotta agree with RB, with a capital D-I-T-T-O!!!! Stop yer whining!!  :'(

Been on the 70 hour a week roster making 40 hour pay, lived just fine,.... with a family.
72s won't hurt a bit. if it does, then your living above your means or you can't budget.

Just left Peach working all the hours we could take/handle, Exelon has no problem handing out hours.  If you're working 72, chances are that was the plan, more than that was simply in question and got shot down, big deal.... suck it up, toughen up, then change your screen name ........'silky',

in a nut shell, deal with it and move on, or get therapy.  Just don't come on here whining throwing your anti(whatever plant's name goes here) propaganda around 'cuz you got your wittle feelwings hurt.  We don't wanna here it!

NOW!!!! Have a nice day...... >:(


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