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Did someone say something about Stoney's crab cakes?   :P  I'm in!


i will be heading to Stoney's on monday since thats my one day off ! i will make sure to have a crab cake and a yuengling in your honor....LOL stay safe and i will be in touch soon.


--- Quote from: Marssim on Mar 14, 2010, 03:00 ---I have an old friend in Gaithersburg I've been meaning to visit.

Supposedly this old icon is re-opening.

The "Sirloiner" was something my Dad introduced me to as we passed through many moons ago.

So tell me, is the reincarnation worthy of the original?

--- End quote ---

Wow. I haven't thought about Gino's for a long time. One of the original fast food joints... I was eating at Gino's (and Ameche's) before McDonald's was around. Gino's was named after Gino Marchetti ("The Greatest Defensive End in Pro Football History") and Ameche's was named after Alan Ameche (who scored the winning touchdown in "The Greatest Game Ever Played"), both Baltimore Colts in the 50's and 60s. Together they opened Gino-Ameche Foods and had restaurants under both names (the ones in Baltimore were originally Ameche's) but later they were all under Gino's name. They were eventually bought by Marriott and absorbed into the Roy Rogers franchise. So, if it is coming back, it must be under Marriott unless someone bought the name.


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