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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

(y) Great place to work!  Nice people and a new Manager of RP.  It's a big GE boiler with lower dose rates than would be expected for a slightly older plant.  Come join us this spring for a fairly laid back outage.  Monroe is not the cukturak meca of the midwest but a nice place to visit.

Been there a couple of times and loved it. The area is nice and all, but it was the people that put it over the top for me.
Leon, Mark and the whole darn gang ........yah...even you Ronda......made my stay there one I will never forget.
Breakfast at Kelly's.......those were the days!

Lots of good folks at Fermi... spent 5 years of my life there as an office assistant in the training department.  Add on the 4 years I'd come visit my mom on bring-your-kid to work day and other occasions, and Fermi is practically home to me.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the outage doesn't go over this time around ;)

Drink a cold one at the Bear Den for me!


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