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James Daniels has a furnished house very close to Hanford. He works at Hanford and has an empty furnished house less than 15 minutes from the project. Contact him at jeddan@worldnet.att.net
There are some nice places around near the site on the main drag in town. However, when it comes to Hanford, CLOSE=EXPENSIVE. To spend what you think is reasonable (under $1000/month), you probably should go to Pasco/Kennewick, or West Richland. Also, Richland will bore you to death.
Larry Hebert has a couple of rentals, at Hanford. He has one that is completely furnished including cable, for 225.00 a week. His number is 509-374-0377.
Try www.tri-cityhearald.com this the local newspaper.
Timbers Apartments at 1900 Stevens Drive. Their apartments start at about $400 per month. I have been relatively happy here, some children and dogs but lots of places are like that. It is 26 miles to the 200 area from here which is about as close as you can get. One thing about Richland, there seems to be a 20 day notification for move out.

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Please reply to this topic if you have (or know who has) a contract at this facility.  If you (they) have multiple contracts (i.e. QC & NDE) please mention all of them.  Also, please remember to post company contact information, including but not limited to company phone number, email and web site address.  Also, if there is a specific person at the company people should ask for, you should mention their name and extension. We maintain a chart of contracts, the information posted here will be added to the contract chart.
This includes any information on Local Unions!
Chart: http://www.nukeworker.com/jobs/contract_lists

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One of the companies that provides QA/QC personnel on contract is Management Strategies Inc.  The individual is Dave Samples and his email is dlsamples@strategiesinc.com.


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