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;D   Kewaunee, now thats a fun place!  The people there were the best to work with, all the house people were very nice and went out of their way to teach you anything you wanted to know.  You don't find that at many places.  The BMOC (big man on campus, Craig Long) was really great to work for.  He even made us (the girls) sweatshirts that read "Dose Babes".  I miss all the house techs there. :(
The area was nice, I was 21 at the time and was blown away when I went to the bar and gave the bartender a dollar and he gave me 4 beers!  I knew if this outage went much longer there could be a problem!  

;D  Oh, one more thing, and this is not meant as a slam or anything, but I remember when they brought in some local girls to help out in Dosimetry and we had to teach them how to do the job.  Westinghouse had just shown up on site and there was one girl that was still waiting for "Eddy Current" to show up!  She thought he was an actual person, Eddy Current.  I pee'd my pants! :D

I worked Kewaunee's first outage in 1976 (my first outage, too) and the people were just great, in and out of the plant. Craig Long was a tech -- have the best story about him and some warm beer. Price of a draft went from 20 cents to a quarter while I was there and the owner of the bar was just about crying because he had to raise the price. Loved that place.


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