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I see Butch Byrd of Quality Nuclear has posted a job opening for DC Cook:

Has anyone had any experience with them?

Mike McFarlin:
Would work for Butch anytime!

I worked for him 98-99. He was very good to work for. Anybody got a number or e-mail address for Quality?

Try here..... I haven't checked, don't know if the info is still good;


I first worked with Butch in 1986 for IRM at SURRY.I've also worked for him at HAKE.Butch is a very good person to know and work for. I've always wished him the best,He earned it.
      I made a mistake and quit him at HAKE,but if you have ever worked there you would know why.I would work for him anytime  if he needs me.Butch will do you right


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