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Camella Black:
My best advice to anyone that is willing to drive a few miles to work is to steer clear of the downtown Aiken area. Although a nice place, the rates are high as it is a growing college/senior area.

If you scout out the local papers you can find reasonable rentals in the outlaying areas such as Barnwell, Williston, and North Augusta areas.

Camella Black:
If anyone has a favorite hang out, place to shop, or local information for this area please post it here.

 8) 8) 8) My sisters Camella Blacks best cook in the world. If you know her or Henry then you have to know how well she cooks. I always new my Mother and Gradndmothers could cook along with my Dad,But she took what she learned from them and what a cook. What ever she cooks if you put it on your head your tongue would slap your brains out trying to get to it. Brad

Camella Black:
 ;) Thanks Brad, I wonder if there are any techs still out there that have eaten at our house. I remember way back when we all used to get together especially in Connecticut with Uncle Billy and some of the others. I miss those days, having a house full of techs to cook for.


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