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Don't forget to vote. Please keep it civil.

Don't forget to vote.  Keep your comments civil.

Camella Black:
If anyone has a favorite hang out, place to shop, or local information for this area please post it here.

I was out there in the summer of 2003.  Loved the job, but they did not pay travel out.  They also did not pay for time traveled to the job site (hopefully this has been fixed).  I and the crew would drive some 65 miles to the jobsite just to start our 12 hour shift. 

I stayed onsite to help offset the lower per diem (70 $/day).  The rooms were 20 $/day long term but had little to no cooking facilities.

On days off I managed to crawl through some of the abandonded mines and towns that were not off limits, allways had a radio and meter with me to help stave off any security guards.

Staying at Mercury is just over an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip.. nuff said.

NOT IN MERCURY... gotta hit Vegas,  nuff said


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