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Roll Tide:
If both are with the same utility, I would tell them and see if they would counter (assuming you were in the "I am considering their offer" phase). Perhaps they won't counter the salary, but might offer to improve the relocation package.

I guess that would apply to separate companies as well. One thing to remember: don't burn bridges. If you say "I WILL take the job for x$" then you will burn bridges if you don't take it. If they try to low-ball you, you would have every justification in taking the alternative position.

Case in point:
My sister backed out of a temp job about 15 years ago (I think) at Zion. She had just left Palo Verde without notice. The perfect job came along, and she took it. (Zion is now shutdown, and Palo Verde is the largest US Nuclear Power generator.) She found that everywhere she sends a resume now one of the people that she burned back then is in a position of influence with the prospective employer..... She has since left Nuclear.

I doubt playing one plant in a utility against another will help at all. They DO talk with each other and with standard payscales there's very little leeway anyway. It's also dangerous to play one utility against another, particularly if you are just entering the business. A guy like M1Ark or myself who were SROs in good standing at a Utility and we're in a hurry to leave had the ability to wait for what we wanted because we knew it would be forthcoming. Again it depends where you are at in your career.


The thought is not so much playing one against the other, more like if one offers telling the other (which might be the more desirable plant location) to see if they will offer.



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