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This is one of the places that I worked at with my husband. We were there in '96. It was a nice place to work. The people were nice. The town there, Miamisburg, lacked alot. And it was COLD!

I really, really liked the Mound.  I tried to get out of the business and moved back home only to be sucked back in by the almighty $$.  When I arrived there, everyone I passed said "Hi".  I was skeptical, I was wondering what they wanted and why were they so nice.  Well, as it turned out, everyone there was very nice (particuliarly on the "worker" level).  I worked for the best boss that you could ever work for, THE BEST.  She is a very thorough, intelligent, and very knowledgable of every job that was covered in her building (R-Bldg.).  And my lead tech, the best tech I ever worked with, hands down.  I had never worked with Alpha until I worked there and it is a totally different animal.  The satisfaction that came from their trust in me on covering jobs where we set our CAM alarm at 1800 DAC made my job very enjoyable.  The crew we had was the same all the time.  They were made up of different trades in the union.  You had to "earn" their trust when you covered them on a job because they had been burnt before by previous "cowboy" techs.  I never thought glovebox removal and removing ventilation systems in crawlspaces that were full of weapons grade alpha levels could be so enjoable.  Who ever looked forward to stretching bubblesuit lines and wearing bubblesuits all day?  I did!  I loved that job and everyone involved, the experience was by far the best I ever had.  I am, however, speaking only of my work experience in that particuliar group.  Had I ever been told I was going to a different department, well, I would have seen nothing but the Mound in my rearview mirror.  After working for her, I had no desire to ever work for anyone else there and don't think anyone else there could earn my trust.  I had the utmost trust and respect for my RPOC and lead tech, they would never steer me wrong and when I covered a job, there was no doubt in my mind that my azz was covered and the job was covered the way it should be covered - - period.  Like I said, that was only  MY experience there and that definately was exclusive to that group.  But sometimes you take the good with the bad, like the time I was brought into the office by a  DIFFERENT RPOC and told that I didn't smile enough and it could be perceived as a bad attitude that could be "contageous" to others.  Yeah, I didn't smile enough.  What a crock of sh*t!  That kind of BS I would do without, but there is always 1 or 10 of those a**holes in the bunch.  The sad part of it all, they can get away with it!  It is never about your working ability, its about the stupid shit that had nothing to do with the job that really puts my panties in a twist!  Oh but someday, just maybe, we will meet on the road.  This is a small world, this business, and some people will be reaping what they sow, I just hope I can be around to see it come around!  Anyway, thanks, Lori and Mike for making that my favorite job ever and for teaching me anything I wanted to learn, and then some.  I doubt I will ever be lucky enough to work with anyone ever again that could hold a candle to you both.  This job was definately the best experience I have ever gotten.

Thanks, Mike, it is so true.  I can get along with just about anyone, even the ones most others dislike, hence my motto, "I am proof you can get by on BS and charm", however, neither of those needed at that job.  I knew my job and did it well and I'm sure that intimidated him, on top of the fact that my boss was a female and he was in no way even close to being in her league of experience and knowledge so that made it a double threat.  Thats why I added a new motto to my list, "You don't need to kiss anyone's a** to get where you're going, just let your work speak for itself because there is no better satisfaction than knowing how to do your job well."  (And I am now stepping down from my soapbox!)  Thanks again, Mike!



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