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Thinking of transferring to Carlsbad, NM.  Anyone work in that area?  If so, what's it like?

Anyone know what LANL is like for a contractor these days? I asked some techs who had been there a few years back and they said you weren't allowed to do any work until you got a clearance...is that still the case?

I would like an excuse to hang out in that area for a few months. One of the contract companies told me "Term can be as short or long as you wish."  But...only want to take a job if they are going to keep me busy.

Thank you!

I don't know, but I'd bet "probably".   I see the Environmental Management jobs under NB3 are still asking for a Q.   Not good.

Sometimes they will give you an escort.  Thats what they did when I was there a hundred years ago.

Thats a while ago.


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