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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

Some people stay 3.5 miles from site in a 2 bedroom apt. and pay $415/ month. It is very plain but quite and clean. 10 miles from there are the big complexes with places for $750-850. There is everything in between. There are techs at work that pay less than $400 for converted houses. I would suggest calling Brad (513)648-5358.

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Nice area, 40 hrs paid sick time, 80 hrs vacation, matching 401K, soft ball, good insurance, decent pay. What more could a tech want.

It wouldn't be fair to rate it now since I worked there when it was a full production facility.  The site was a radiological nightmare.  I liked Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.  
That was sixteen plus years ago so I don't know how things are now.


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