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I really liked working there, the people were so much fun and Mactec people are great too.. Thr only problem was $$$$$$$$$$$$

Been there.
Done that.
Got the T shirt to prove it.
Loved it.
Stayed for over 4 years.
People were great.
Area was awesome.
The only thing that could'a drug me away was a house gig....
Let's face facts.....it's a closure contract.
That was the only draw-back.

Was there for about 4 1/2 years. Mostly worked for D&D and it was great! Cincinnatti and surrounding areas are nice, plenty of places to go. But as we all know, sometimes you just got to move on.

Went there for a 3 month gig :)6 months later went house  :o 4.5 years after that went into Engineering there - 5 years later went intop Financial Planning for Part time gig and retired full time - 10 years total.

Went there after the Navy (92-94)....loved it....loved the area. Worked for Rapid Ray then came back to Tennessee. Eventually found my way back (Oct 98-Apr 99), but, as someone said, it's a closure contract...all over but the singing. Kudos to those still there. I'm on the outside peeking in wondering what could've been, but I'm grateful for the opportunity the Lord gave me and the friends I still have there. It is an awesome place, and I am still friends with Marlin; knew him before he became site co-ordinator, and he'll always be a bud.


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