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I'm currently on pace to graduate in June of next year with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics with a focus in Mechanical Engineering and am looking to enter the Nuclear energy field. Does anyone have any suggestion for further courses and or certifications that would be useful to help get into the field?


I'll give you an introduction to the Nuke Industry right now. A College graduate should be capable of performing basic research, and the hall mark of a good nuke is being about to research items. There are currently 825 Bazillion items concerning this topic on this message board. If I may make a suggestion, there's this really cool tab on the other right hand corner called Search. Why not make your start there?


Roll Tide:
One of the things to consider is PE. Not a lot of those at Commercial Power Plants. Based on what I have seen, rarity can mean extra $$$.

And in spite of the remarks of a grumpy shiftworker, we can answer questions. But you would want to ask a specific question after doing your research. Right?

Try here.

The nuclear field extends well beyond the narrow confines of a nuclear plants control room.

Thanks, that website was helpful.


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