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I am looking for contacts at the three Duke plants.  I have seen a couple of Oconee people here but do not recall anyone from Mcguire or Catawba.  I would like to talk (Pm them if they prefer) about their company and sites. Looking to get info on how the work environment is and what suggestions they can make. I have talked to Hr people at two of the sites and both have said interviews/hiring is just around the corner.  Wonder if anyone can give pointers / help??


Camella Black:
Rob, I'm not sure what area you are from but I can give you some ideas of what the areas are like. I will also see if I can scare up a few people to give you some pointers.

Thak you that would be helpful.  Actually my sister lives in Charlotte and I love the area , what I am really trying to find out is about Duke the company.  I already know that I want to move to Carolinias when I retire it is just the job situation I am working on now.  I have "heard" read some good things about Duke but would like to get input from people who have worked at the sites.  I know I will have to take some of it with a grain of salt but generally think I can get a good general impression.  Also hoping to find out what things I can do to help myself get in at the Duke plants.

Thank you

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Any info, the good, the bad, and the ugly?


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