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--- Quote from: redline on Feb 05, 2009, 08:11 ---Not to bash too hard on anyone here but...spentfuel sometimes gives less than acurate information regarding Duke...and that last post is a perfect example. It should be disregarded as uninformed and speculative opinion. I would be interested to know what his relationship is with the company?

--- End quote ---

Jeez Louise then don't bash LOL

And whats your affiliation with Duke ??

Any response I give here is certainly in my opinion and should be understood as such


im just an outage worker but from my experiences there i love going to the two i have been to (McGuire and Catawba)
the plants are super small (ice condenser) but as long as your safe its nice place to be

great people, great schedule and personnel support

i cant wait to go back :-)

Ok, so Duke Power's website finally acknowledged my resume/application. The email I got was from Enterprise Staffing Services/Duke Power. Has Duke gone to a 3rd party contractor for their HR to evaluate applications before inviting people to take the POSS test? Also, if you meet the basic requirements, do they invite or do they still look at the resumes and try to decide who they will invite? Thanks for any info. If anybody actually works as a Duke Power employee at Catawba or McGuire, would love to hear any comments about this.



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