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What is going on at Monti?
They are doing call outs here at Point Beach to see if anyone is interested in going to Monti for "7-10 days".
I guess it won't take anytime to inprocess?  ::) From what I've seen travelling between NMC plants as a Tech you don't just "walk in the door...hey! Where's my meter!" :P
From what we've heard so far is that people are out because of medical reasons. People getting hurt up there or what?

Good Luck!!!! We're headed into an outage in how many days?!?


Aging workforce, understaffed........ you know the deal already. How's it goin'? When will you be here in the well?

Understaffed? Sounds familiar? :-X "We'll just have to do what we can do for the Picture of Excellence" Right?  ;)

Just be carefull not to make a mistake......

Doubt if we are gonna be there? The NMC says that the Conus rate is $80/day for perdium? Must have their own rates somewhere when GSA says it's ~$156? We're already working 10's here so we should travel for 2 hours of OT and pull less perdium than the contractors?

Must not cost as much for a house puke to travel? Are they issuing the Junior discount cards again and we don't know about it? ;D

Maybe we could get this ACEMAN guy to swing a meter?!?

Anyways, Good Luck in the Well!!!


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