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To my friends at Monty,

Yes, I am alive and well. A couple of my medications reacted and and the symptoms really messed up the Big Lake community hospital. I am about back to normal and am expecting to be back on the 28th. I will miss those heading to DAEC but will see you down the road soon. I apologize for making the shortage of techs worse and the RX building techs for having to carry me this outage while I have been out. See you soon.


Mike McFarlin:
Been a while but the Zoo was the place in 80-81.

Mike McFarlin:
These folks had their sh-t together. St. Clouds a great area.

retired nuke:
You know it's gonna be cold when the parking lot has outlets for block heaters. But the folks was nice, the town was close, and I hadda good time.

Nice - in the summer.


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