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What's this I hear about trying to lift the UGS with it still bolted in and breaking the rigging on the polar crane?

Actually, the "house Refuelers" were raising the ICI plate an additional 17" to support divers doing a mod to the UGS.(to support thimble growth)They forgot (or didn't know) that there were stops installed to prevent raising higher then normal.Not using a load cell they raised the ICI plate up until the wire rope over the crane hook snapped.A CR was written as a near miss,This was down graded to a "mistake"by the powers that be.It's funny, 2 "refuelers" were standing on the lift rig platform when this happened and could have been seriously injured or worse,killed.( I was there and seen it happen)

That's what I was hoping for was an eyewitness account and not third hand information. I have worked the RF floor there many outages and something didn't sound right.  Thanks.

By the way, the UGS doesn't get "bolted" in the vessel.

One of many events here at Waterford this time that make this outage just a little bit "off", which seems to be par for the course...lol.  The old, tap on the shoulder, "Your laid off", is also in full swing.  Anyway on a lighter note, New Orleans is a blast!


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