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c parker:
Hey everyone. I'm 21 years old and I live in Northern Illinois. I'm in the process of trying to start a union Millwright apprenticeship. From a friend I know that already started his apprenticeship, a lot of the work you get is during the nuke plant shutdowns during the winter. He then went on to tell me that it's nearly impossible to work the shutdowns unless you have a squeeky clean record.

I have two speeding tickets 4 years ago, and I pled guilty to a misdemeanor (one stupid bar brawl) this last february. I don't drink, I'm mentally stable, and don't touch any drugs.

Am I going to be able to get on or will I be disqualified?

Thanks in advance.

Nuclear NASCAR:
The first key to getting your foot in the door is complete honesty while filling out the paperwork for your background check.  Don't think that by not putting information down that it won't be discovered because it will.  I've seen 4 or 5 people in the last 7 years either not be able to work at our plant or lose their jobs (new hires) due to incomplete or false information.  Up front and honest is the way to fly.  Trustworthiness is a big issue that can't be overstressed.  My opinion is that your issues shouldn't keep you out but keep in mind that I don't work in access control.

The second key is to use the search function here on Nukeworker ($1 to Broadzilla) and use background check as a criteria. 

Best of luck with your apprenticeship and career and welcome to Nukeworker!

The speeding tickets don't even count (I am sure someone will have a circumstace where they might) and the wording in the background questionaire should even say something like 'other than traffic offenses' or some such wording. HOWEVER... NASCAR is 100% right -- the thing that will get you into the most trouble at the fastest rate is non-disclosure. Be upfront and a single misdemeanor should do you no harm.

Keep in mind that 'traffic offenses' does not include DUI or getting arrested for vehicular crimes. I claim a 'driving on suspended license' even though it was an error, was dropped, and never even went to court. Has never been a problem for me.

I second Tom's welcome to Nukeworker and wishes for good luck.

c parker:
Whew... wow, that's a huge weight of my shoulders! I'll keep all that in mind. Thanks guys, this has been a huge help and I'm glad I joined this site.

Roll Tide:

--- Quote from: c parker on Oct 10, 2006, 10:02 ---I pled guilty to a misdemeanor (one stupid bar brawl) this last february. I don't drink, I'm mentally stable, and don't touch any drugs.

--- End quote ---

Why were you in a bar (especially in a brawl) if you don't drink?  ::)
While I see the humor in the statement, the psychiatrist may not.

Make sure you look at your record, so that what you write down looks like what shows up. For example, if it says "drunk and disorderly" on your record, that phrase should be on your background check application.


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