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First Confederate Navy Of Texas eh? :D or Mchales Navy?

Nuclear NASCAR:

--- Quote from: drayer54 on Mar 12, 2011, 12:09 ---Texas Lake Navy, btw we have completely derailed this thread... Like completely...

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You are correct.  Posts will disappear in the cleanup.  Thanks for understanding.


--- Quote from: Nuclear NASCAR on Mar 12, 2011, 12:15 ---You are correct.  Posts will disappear in the cleanup.  Thanks for understanding.

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Sorry bossman! should I make a new thread for my question?

Riverbend has some good house tech. I can not say the same for management. I will not go back and I am probably not welcome back.

Bill Nichols:
Just processed out (RF-18) and don't know why River Bend has received such poor ratings.  The fifth RPM in five years (Brad Cole) seems to be a good guy and he's more than willing to buck outage/plant management - he did it this outage.  He will enforce sound RP practices regardless of push-back from senior management.
Each technician has an assigned role and (s)he won't get jerked around.
The RP facilities are very nice.  The house techs are supportive and friendly, same with the supervisors.  The outage was heavily staffed with contract decon technicians and RPs; many, many returnees.  Some (don't know how many) house decon technicians.  The instrument technicians keep all of the instruments working.  They even keep the radios/headsets working.
Overall, River Bend is a nice place to work.

The facility is huge and finding your way through the maze is difficult.
Coffee is hard to find.
The cafeteria is outside the protected area but there is an outage cafe just outside the Services Building (just downstairs from Access Control).  The cafe's hours of operation, though, are minimal.
DZ had a break trailer but it was too distant to be useful.
I hesitate to say this because River Bend was my first boiler in 32 years but the contamination levels seem extremely high.  Extremely high.  Rad smearable is too common and multiple mRad smearable is everywhere.  The oxide layer can be measured with a ruler.
The facility has an incredible number of instruments but as might be expected, there are too few during crunch time.  Finding a Hivol shortly after a big clearance is hung proves to be difficult (hoarding might be the issue).  Same with portable friskers.


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