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ACAD 00-003 and SRO Direct for non-traditional ed / military

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Ok I have searched and not found a thread that covers this in this way.
The ACAD flow charts cover several situations but they do not really address education in the non-tradional sense.  I just want to make sure that a non-trad degree from TESC in BS NET would count for the 2:1 experience. Also the line on Fig 2-3 covering "Total Responsible Nuclear Plant Experience:" is this additive of the above two lines or would you be able to put Navy time here?

Also as far as the Navy time goes can you count Reactor from the time you qualified at protoype or just from the time you qualed on the boat as RO.  I guess I am wondering how closely they have to track when you qualed?  I have evals (will have check the old Pg 4's to see iff they put a date down for the qual) as I am not sure I was qualed for a full two years on the boat (will be close).

Just trying to cover my bases so that if I get an interview for an instant position I am qualified to take it. 

Also does the degree have to be done before hiring or can it be finished during the six months on site (might have to take 1 (hummanities)class to finish in spring).


Here is a thought along the same line?  What about NECs?? I held a 3353 NEC (Reactor Opertor) from the day I graduated prototype.  Soooo does that mean I start counting my time from there????


You're over-thinking this.  ACAD 00-0003 is a guideline and from my experience facilities do not scrutinize that heavily.  I've read your resume and feel confident you qualify for an instant-SRO position.  Don't give it another thought.


Thanks , I guess I will need a little hands kolding until I get in the door for an interview.  It also helps to have you guys who are so helpful to swat away the flys of nervousness ;D 
So in essence your saying is DONT NUKE IT OUT  :P :P


Technically it wouldn't start until you qualified as an RO.

M1Ark is correct, with your background it wouldn't much matter. ACADs are only guidelines to help the utilities select personnel who have a better than average chance of making it through the training.



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